Accessories included with each Adquio Industrial Screen Casambi Gateway

Adquio Industrial Screen Casambi Gateway, Accessories included

As you know, we always try to deliver to our customers the equipment prepared to get the best performance out of them. In this case we are going to show you what you will receive with each Adquio Industrial Screen Casambi Gateway.

  1. At the top you can see the four brackets with their screws and nuts, for the cases in which you need to place the screen embedded in a panel.
  2. Below, you can see the screws and plugs needed to attach the display to a wall with the VESA mount below.
  3. On the right, you can see our special high gain antenna (12dbi) to obtain the best coverage in Wifi and Bluetooth Casambi networks.
  4. To its right, you can see the high quality, low loss extension cable for the antenna. This allows you, if you wish, to position it in a better position to obtain the best connectivity results.

You have complete freedom, the antenna can go on the screen itself or if you prefer on another one thanks to the cable provided.
As you can see, with Adquio Screen Casambi Gateway you will have all the options covered to adapt to any installation requirement and to obtain the best results.

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