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Sistemas de control Adquio

As you know, at Adquio we are constantly working to improve our products and adapt them to the needs of the market. In this article we show you the different options of our ecosystem.

Adquio Screens

Adquio Screens, allow local control of any installation and at any level. What does this mean? That you have freedom of choice! You can place an Adquio Screen in each room for local control of its lighting, air conditioning, etc., or bet on a central control putting it on each floor or one for the whole building. You choose!

In addition, any of the three Adquio screens allow you to directly use the Casambi control software or another HMI with different options depending on your customer’s needs.

Adquio SCADA Server

Provide your customer with central control for their building, with our Adquio SCADA Server. With this SCADA you can work in conjunction with the Adquio controllers in Lighting Installations Casambi, DALI, or traditional, air conditioning facilities, etc.

Adquio SCADA Server can work simultaneously with different data sources, so you can use it to monitor or centrally command different Adquio controllers or controllers of other brands, showing all the information on your screen in a unified way.

Additionally, by using a WEB interface you can easily integrate it into any other system.

Adquio Cloud

Are you looking for the ideal solution for your clients with many buildings in different parts of the world? Adquio Cloud is what you are looking for! This BMS is designed for this type of installation and to support thousands of simultaneous connections, all your customers’ buildings under control on a single platform.

You can get comparative graphs between different buildings, reports, or perform direct and remote control over any aspect of any of them. In addition, by storing all the information, it allows you to carry out studies of historical data, up to 5 years ago.

As you can see, in our Adquio Ecosystem you have all the control options, from the simplest level to the control of multiple buildings. Did you know that our largest client is currently managing 120 buildings in multiple countries around the world?

Our product range continues to grow! And increasingly, more complete, covering the needs of any type of installation. We hope you find this information interesting and useful.

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