Adquio Link and the expansionsAdquio Link, With expansions?

As we have already introduced you in previous articles, Adquio Link is our virtual programmable controller that runs on our cloud servers. As we have already explained to you, this has many advantages for cases in which we work with platforms such as Casambi, which also offer their integration data in the cloud. It is not necessary to install anything in the client dependencies, but instead you can still enjoy all the functionalities of our BMS, Adquio Cloud or Adquio Cloud AI. Both are fed on this occasion from Adquio Link, which is responsible for the integration.

So far everything is advantages and facilities, but now they have asked us…

And this does not mortgage the future in terms of expansions?

Of course, it may seem that an Adquio that is virtual and works in the cloud cannot have expansions and this is a big problem, right? Without this it is true, when we want to integrate other building systems, this will no longer be possible, since there would be no way to connect the devices responsible for data collection.


Fortunately, Adquio already had the necessary technology from its design. This makes it possible for the answer to this question to be affirmative: Yes, an Adquio Link can have expansions and what’s more, it can have all the ones you need.

How do we do it?

As you may have seen in other posts, or in the product features, Adquio has a super efficient and secure communication protocol between devices, well, we only need to make the devices connect to each other using their native communication, but in this occasion using a VPN that the controllers themselves manage. Therefore, the Adquio controller establishes the connection from the client installation to the Adquio Link in the cloud.

In this case, it is possible to choose any of the Adquio models, Pro, Lite, Mini, Micro server or Server, to install on the client and make this type of connection.

From here, you have all the expansions of the Adquio Ecosystem. This covers the needs for data collection or connection with other devices in the installation. Whether it is one controller or several, you once again have all the expansion power of the Adquio Ecosystem.

So, having chosen Adquio Link mortgages the future of expansion? The answer is a definit “no”. How do you see the interoperability between our devices continues to demonstrate its power, now making the way you can install your drivers more flexible, in this case allowing hybrid installations.

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