Adquio pro programmable controller in Grupo Inverdama: Success story

Adquio pro programmable controller:

How the needs of Inverdama Group


This project has been developed in the offices of Inverdama, a business group dedicated to electrical and air conditioning installations throughout Europe and America.


The objective was to unify the control of all the systems in a user-friendly system, easy to use for technical managers and open to interact with it in a personalized way.

The challenge was to control 39 lighting circuits, 12 Hitachi climate machines, 5 electrical consumption analyzers, 23 stores and an anti-intrusion alarm system. Can you manage everything with the programmable controller adquio pro and some more products from its ecosystem?


real photo of the programmable controller adquio pro installed in Grupo Inverdama, La Coruña, Spain

For this, the programmable controller adquio pro, since its analog and digital inputs and outputs are necessary. In the same way, 3 modules of 18 relays have been used to control the lighting circuits.

During the development of this installation, an adquio was connected with the climate control and the production of the same via Modbus RTU . The power consumption analyzers were also connected by Modbus RTU. The blinds were controlled through 3 relay modules by programming the operating time of each motor in a personalized way.

Subsequently, the company selected and prepared 7-inch Android screens to control all the aforementioned systems. A screen of this type was placed in each unit. These screens only have a browser that opens a web page served by the programmable controller adquio pro, a different and personalized page for each screen.

Finally, the company responsible for the alarm system was able to install a switchboard that would provide digital outputs, in this way, it was also integrated into the control system with the idea of being able to use this signal to automate shutdowns and door openings and closings.

List of adquio materials:

Used to… Quantity Product
Control 1 adquio pro
Lighting 3 adquio 18 realay modbus module
Blinds 3 adquio 18 realay modbus module

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