Adquio PT1000 Ambient, our first probe

Adquio PT1000 Ambient, installation possibilities

We begin to present you individually all the products that are part of our new range of products, focused on probes.

On this first occasion we will talk about the simplest and most economical, but at the same time has very good accuracy and a wide range of acceptable temperatures. Adquio PT1000 Ambient is designed as its name suggests for temperature measurement only, it is suitable when you do not need anything else.

Only two wires are used for connection, and these can be as long as you need. It is important to note that this type of probes, being resistive, must be adjusted with a calibrated thermometer once installed, since the resistance of the cable that communicates it with the controller varies the measurement depending on the length of the cable.

In the image you can see the connection possibilities that you have using our controllers or expansions, as you can see, using one adquio pro, you can to connect 4 probes of this type directly, you can already connect them using an Adquio Multi IOs you can also connect 4 probes like this one, and lastly using an Adquio 8 PT1000 as indicated in its name, you can connect 8 probes of this model. Finally, remember that if you use either of these last two expansions you are not limited to one unit, but as they are connected by Modbus RTU to the controller, you can install as many as you need, so there is no limit to the number of probes. Adquio PT1000 Ambient you can put in your facilities with Adquio.

We are very pleased to inaugurate this new range of products and we inform you that in the coming weeks we will be introducing more products of this same range. Don’t miss them!

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