When you see the features of a product in an advertisement, you probably think that some or many of them are a product of marketing, and that in many cases they are not ‘entirely true’, right?

At Adquio we list the characteristics of our products, both on our website and on our social networks, and these characteristics are not marketing arguments, they are completely objective. One of these features that we boast is the freedom that our equipment gives you, both the controllers and our SCADA and BMS software and displays. Freedom to design the interface you want, freedom to do things the way you need, freedom to innovate, and above all freedom to express all your creativity.

In a globalized world like the one we live in, providing your customer with something different is always a good sales argument, especially if it meets their needs.

In this post, we show you an example of this. When we say, you can do whatever you want… This is a good example of that.

This client asked us for an intuitive and clean control interface, without buttons or texts, just an image of their facilities, composed of about 20 industrial buildings interconnected between them.

On this occasion, we have done exactly that. The image of each vessel is the control button for its lighting. In this case, it is a large Casambi installation, with several hundred luminaires. It was only necessary to implement on and off, it was not necessary to manage the regulation. Additionally, the client requested that clicking on his company logo would turn off the global illumination of all his halls. And so we have, as you can see in the short video on the cover.

As you can see, we offer you a control alternative very different from everything you know. With total freedom so that you can design “Anything”. In many cases, adjusting to the customer’s needs or even to the environment where you are going to install the device.

This is just an example, but we believe that it can serve as a reference and above all as a demonstration of where you can get to with Adquio products.

Thanks to our Partner Emotions Light for counting on us for this installation and especially to Eliseo Ciurana, it is always a pleasure to work with you.

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