Adquio SCADA Cloud: Exclusive Privacy on your Server

Adquio SCADA Server, tu espacio exclusivo en la nube.

I am excited to share exciting news about our flagship SCADA product, which has been revolutionizing the enterprise control landscape with great success since last summer.

Within our SCADA family, the Cloud version deserves a special mention. While we offer two versions, one designed to operate locally and one that runs in the cloud, today I want to dive into the unique features that make our SCADA Cloud an exceptional choice.

We understand that many companies are jealous of their security and are sometimes hesitant to adopt cloud solutions, fearing the loss of control over their software. At Adquio, we address these concerns from the beginning, and that is why our Cloud version is so special.

What makes our SCADA Cloud stand out is that you don’t share a server with other users. Instead, we offer you a dedicated server, carefully selected according to your needs and hosted by a local provider. This gives you an unparalleled level of privacy and control; it is your exclusive space.

In addition, we guarantee a secure connection via HTTPS and a unique IP address for your company. You can even associate this IP to a custom domain, or use our proposal, such as:, offering you a customized online presence.

This unique approach to our cloud alternative reflects our ongoing commitment to excellence and the delivery of superior quality services. I am proud to present a solution that not only meets security needs, but also redefines the enterprise control experience.

I hope this information has interested you as much as it has me. At Adquio, we continue to evolve to provide you with solutions that exceed your expectations, placing your privacy and control at the center of everything we do. Welcome to the exclusive world of Adquio SCADA Cloud!

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