Adquio SCADA Server: Security in Critical Facilities

Acquisition of SCADA server in security facilities


Today, facility security is a priority to ensure proper operation and protect assets. This is where Adquio SCADA Server emerges as a reliable and versatile solution that offers local control and complete visualization of critical installations.

Supervision and Integral Control

In high-security environments, having full control over the installation is crucial. Adquio SCADA Server provides a local web-based platform that allows users to have a holistic view of the infrastructure. Users have the freedom to design and customize the interface to their specific needs, resulting in unprecedented end-to-end monitoring and control.

Seamless Connectivity

Interoperability is essential in high security installations. Adquio SCADA Server facilitates the integration of controls with the variables coming from Adquio, ensuring seamless connectivity. This allows security managers and controllers to operate efficiently, making quick and informed decisions based on accurate real-time data.

Trend Analysis and Historical Data

Knowledge of the past is essential to improve the future. Adquio SCADA Server goes beyond real-time monitoring by enabling the display of trend graphs on plans, giving users access to historical and consumption data. These data are invaluable for decision making, early detection of anomalous patterns and adjustment of the facility’s operation based on specific trends and needs.

User Management Security

In high security installations, access to the platform must be strictly controlled. Adquio SCADA Server offers the ability to have up to 30 concurrent users, each with restricted access to specific areas and functions. This enables secure user management and ensures that only authorized persons can access and operate the system.

Scalable Control

Flexibility in the level of control is essential to adapt to various situations and requirements. Adquio SCADA Server allows control at the group or scene level as well as at the individual level. While the groups are useful for controlling multiple luminaires, the ability to adjust the level of control to specific details provides exceptional precision in managing the installation.

Adquio SCADA Server is a robust and reliable solution that offers complete control and visualization for high security installations. Its ability to connect controls to variables, provide trend analysis and historical data, and its focus on user management security make it a powerful tool for improving the efficiency and security of critical facilities.

Don’t let safety be a constant concern. With Adquio SCADA Server, take complete control of your installation and benefit from a reliable and versatile platform that enhances security at all levels.

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