Adquio Screen 8″, the smallest of the family.

Adquio Screen 8

On this occasion, our customers asked us for a control screen for large quantity purchases. They should have a contained price, since when buying large quantities this has a great impact on the final amount.

We already have experience in creating control screens, so we accepted the challenge. And the result is presented to you today. Adquio Screen 8″.

Being the smallest model in our ecosystem, it fulfills this premise, without losing any of its already known features. It maintains the same resolution as its 10″ big brother, 1280×800, which applied to a smaller screen produces a higher pixel density, thus higher quality.

It also maintains the feature of being powered by POE technology, which greatly simplifies its installation. As you already know, and just like its category peers, it is designed for high durability to stay up and running 24/7.

Of course, it works just like the previous models with Android, giving you total freedom in selecting the software you can use. We offer you our HMI, which as you know allows you to design any control interface connected to your Adquio controllers, acting as servers for them.

In future posts we will be explaining applications of this screen in very specific uses. Don’t miss them!

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