Adquio Wall Screen 4: Integral Control of your spaces

Adquio Wall Screen 4 total control

The recent unveiling of the Adquio Wall Screen 4″ has brought with it not only a sleek display, but a versatile device that transforms your home into a fully connected space. Beyond seamless control of Casambi lighting, this display gives you the power to manage a variety of systems simultaneously, providing a comprehensive and intuitive experience.

One Screen, Multiple Controls: Beyond Illumination

Efficient Climate Control:

Forget about adjusting multiple devices. With the Adquio Wall Screen 4″, you can control the temperature in your office in an efficient and personalized way. Adjust the thermostat, set schedules and maintain a comfortable environment with just a few touches.

Real Time Weather Forecast:

Stay informed about weather conditions on the same device. The display integrates real-time weather forecasting, allowing you to plan your daily activities in advance and ensuring that you are always prepared.

Simplified Blind Management:

Too much light or need privacy? With Adquio Wall Screen 4″, your blinds are under your full control. Adjust the opening, closing or programming of your blinds with ease, all from a single screen.

And Much More:

From access control to energy management, the Adquio Wall Screen 4″ becomes the epicenter of control in your home or office. Explore a range of options to customize your environment according to your needs and preferences.

Intuitive User Interface: Everything Under Your Control

The key to the Adquio Wall Screen 4″ lies in its intuitive user interface. All functions are just a touch away, neatly organized so you can quickly access the information you need. With a modern and functional design, the display becomes the center of operations in your smart home or office.

One Screen, Infinite Possibilities:

Integrated elegance and functionality:

The Adquio Wall Screen 4″ is not only technology, it is an elegant element that integrates perfectly into your space. Its thoughtful design and advanced functionality make it a valuable addition to your space.

Simultaneous Control:

The real magic lies in the ability to control multiple systems simultaneously. From adjusting the lighting to checking the weather forecast, it’s all done with the simplicity of a few taps.

Adquio and Casambi: The Symphony of Innovation:

Adquio Wall Screen 4″ joins Casambi to offer a complete experience. The seamless integration of these technologies ensures flawless performance and a symphony of innovation that enhances every aspect of your smart space.

The Future of Integrated Control: Adquio Wall Screen 4

In short, the Adquio Wall Screen 4″ not only redefines Casambi lighting control, it sets a new standard for comprehensive control. Discover the convenience of managing multiple systems from a single screen and immerse yourself in a future where your spaces respond to your needs with just a few touches. Welcome to the next level of intelligence and comfort for your spaces!


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