Adquio Wall Screen 4″: The Casambi Control Revolution

Adquio Wall Screen 4 in Office

Starting 2024 with energy and optimism is key, and what better way to support that positive attitude than by presenting an innovative and versatile product. In this article, we will explore in depth the Adquio Wall Screen 4″, a device that promises to change the way we interact with our environment, offering customized control solutions and advanced connectivity.

Innovation at a Glance:

What makes the Adquio Wall Screen 4″ so special? Firstly, its compact design, designed to fit perfectly into the standard European switchgear space. This means elegant and easy integration into any environment. Continuing with the inclusion of a full Android system that allows you to loosely run the Casambi APP by default.

Making Life Easier with Powering Choices:

Installing devices can often be a challenge, but Adquio Wall Screen 4″ aims to make it as simple as possible. With two power options -110-240 V AC and POE-, the Adquio Display is suitable for both existing buildings and new construction projects. A single cable not only powers the device, but also ensures secure and efficient connectivity.

State-of-the-art connectivity for a seamless experience:

Connectivity is the cornerstone of the Adquio Wall Screen 4″. With options such as RJ45 for local networking, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, and the ability to act as a Wi-Fi access point when connected via Ethernet, this device offers unparalleled versatility. Intelligent connectivity opens up a range of possibilities for remote control and access.

Aesthetics and manufacturing quality:

First impressions count, and this Adquio Display does not disappoint. With a bright, high-resolution display, the finishes and build quality stand out, ensuring an immersive viewing experience. A device that not only offers functionality, but also integrates seamlessly into any environment.

What Can You Use It For? Everything you can imagine:

Versatility is key, and the Adquio Wall Screen 4″ offers it in abundance. From RGB lighting control to climate management, access, and even display of environmental data such as CO₂ saturation, temperature, and humidity. Two distinct options -the native Casambi APP and the Interface editor-, allow direct control of lighting and customization for any other conceivable application.

Scalability and Efficiency with Adquio Controller:

When multiple displays work together, the Adquio Controller is the centerpiece. A single controller can support up to 120 such control screens, ensuring exceptional scalability and management efficiency.

In summary, the Adquio Wall Screen 4″ arrives as a market-leading solution, offering versatility, connectivity and an aesthetic design. This device not only simplifies control, but redefines how we interact with our environment. Prepare your projects for a new level of efficiency and customization. This year, innovation has a new name.

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