Especial-Technics will distribute Adquio in Russia

Especial-Technics will distribute Adquio in Russia

Especial-Technics will distribute Adquio in Russia

Today we are pleased to inform you that Adquio has signed a distribution contract with Especial Technics (Особая Техника), a company specialized in introducing international and innovative products to the Russian market. It belongs to the Alef Elektro business group, with offices in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, and an extensive network of collaborators, in all corners of the country. With this agreement, Especial Technics will work closely with Adquio , in the translation of all the products of the Adquio ecosystem into Russian, adapting them to its market, both the interfaces and the documentation and training material.


Especial Techics, has a team of engineers and programmers, with extensive experience in the introduction of new products, giving professional support to all its clients and collaborators throughout the Russian territory, and neighboring countries. Additionally, they have their own showroom for members, where they hold meetings, training courses, and allow their collaborators to become familiar with the products and learn about their technical aspects.

They support their partners at any stage of the project, and help them find the most optimal solution. They work throughout the Russian territory, and participate in projects outside its borders. They provide both training and warehouse stock support. They provide everything necessary for the productive work of their partners.


They are constantly developing and monitoring innovative solutions like Adquio and Casambi. They provide their collaborators with a trusted partner and professional technical support. They provide information on new technologies and design trends.

We thank all the members of Especial Technics for the trust they have shown in our products. We work hard together to bring our Acquisition Ecosystem of products and services to the entire Russian market and neighboring countries.

We will continue to inform you of the progress made with this alliance. We have deposited an enormous illusion on both sides.

Especial-Technics will distribute Adquio in Russia, there is no better way to start the year !!!

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