Expansion of traditional installations with Casambi and Adquio

Extending traditional installations with Casambi

Currently, in the market there are some lighting control technologies, from the oldest ones without any kind of control and working with switches, to the most modern ones using Casambi technology.

Between these two options there are a multitude of alternatives, from proprietary systems to systems of any brand but based on DALI.

At the moment, changes in regulations are forcing companies to modernize their lighting systems to achieve greater energy efficiency and the use of more sustainable technologies.

There are many cases in which it is not possible to completely renovate an installation, but it is necessary to install a completely new part and upgrade the existing one, for example, to LED luminaires.

For all these cases, the Adquio Ecosystem is your perfect ally, since, in all of them, it helps you to integrate any system with the new Casambi technologies. Let’s see some examples.

Integration of Casambi in a lighting system without previous control.

In these cases, Adquio is a very good ally. It allows you to control the entire lighting ON/OFF pre-system from Adquio using one or more Adquio 18 Relay modules.

With this, you can integrate any lighting pre-circuit into your Casambi networks, both in scenes and in groups.

Integration of Casambi in a closed lighting installation.

There are numerous manufacturers with closed lighting systems, we will not list brands, but all of them are ready to integrate with a BMS. For this, they use the standard BACnet protocol, and through it, they provide the ‘theoretical’ BMS with all the important information and control of the entire installation.

In these cases, Adquio connects, on the one hand, to this system through BACnet IP, and on the other hand, to Casambi, through either of the two systems currently available, locally or through the API.

And what can we do with this integration? Since we already have complete control of all proprietary lighting, we can:

  • Make the new Casambi lighting respond to commands from the old switches, synchronizing the old lighting with the new.
  • Make the new Casambi scenes integrate any scene, luminaire, or group from the old lighting system.
  • Use a centralized lighting control on an Adquio Screen, or an Adquio SCADA Server.

Integration of Casambi in a DALI installation

Adquio uses gateways to control DALI networks and does so for a good reason, and that is scalability. With this, Adquio can control from one DALI network with 64 devices, up to 120 networks with an incredible 1,920 devices, and this, with a single controller.

Therefore, as in the previous case, with Adquio you can synchronize the lighting systems in both directions:

  • Integrating any DALI luminaire in the Casambi network, being able to associate it to scenes, groups, etc.
  • Perform peer-to-peer control of both networks, being able to perform any type of action, both in the DALI network and in the Casambi network.
  • As in the previous case, you can have centralized lighting control on an Adquio Screen or an Adquio SCADA Server.

All these alternatives can coexist in the same installation. As you can see, with Adquio you have a ‘Swiss army knife’ of integrations.

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