“The safe devices for the control, collection and study data of latest generation”.

Made up of 3 elements, #adquio_pro, #adquio_lite and #adquio_mini, all of them with the same computing power, but with different levels of connectivity.

All your communications are encrypted and our system remains updated automatically. We integrate a UPS that protects the system in the event of a voltage drop.

It is programmed in JavaScript, much easier to use than traditional controllers. It incorporates a web interface where all the configuration and programming is done, making any external program unnecessary for its start-up. Create its own wireless network, this allows you to access it with any device that has WIFI, without anything else.

All adquio models can collect hundreds or thousands of data from many heterogeneous devices, process it, and upload it to the #adquio_cloud for further study.

The cloud platform #adquio_cloud, allows you to study the collected historical data, make graphs and scadas with which you can remotely control the installation.

#adquio is currently the only controller that includes all these features in one device.

For more info: contact@adquio.com

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