Luminous renovation of Sant Maurice in Switzerland

St. Maurice

As lovers of inspiring stories, we are pleased to share with you a success story that illuminates not only the majesty of historic architecture, but also the brilliant convergence of technology and tradition. We immersed ourselves in the fascinating transformation of the basilica of Sant Maurice in Switzerland, where Adquio products played a key role in its splendid metamorphosis.

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The basilica, witness to centuries of history, decided to undergo a complete luminous renovation. The challenge was clear: modernize the lighting without compromising the architectural integrity of this historic monument. The choice of the right control technology became crucial, and this is where the innovative Casambi came into the picture. Fewer cables meant greater respect for the architecture, and this premise consolidated the selection of Casambi as the control solution.

The team behind this impressive feat was RNHC Services, a company committed to excellence in the implementation of lighting solutions. However, even after the installation of the new lighting with Targetti luminaires, unexpected challenges arose that required specialized intervention.

The location of the control center in the sacristy presented the first challenge: a thick stone wall of more than 1 m separated the control center from the basilica aisles, impeding Casambi’s Bluetooth signals.

In addition, the users, mostly elderly people, were not familiar with the technology and would not be able to use the Casambi application on a tablet.

This is where the collaboration between RNHC Services and Adquio becomes the key to success. Roldy Cueto, head of RNHC Services, recalled that Adquio Ecosystem offered perfect solutions for both problems.

To overcome the physical barrier, a Lithernet Gateway was implemented on the outside of the sacristy, connected via a POE network cable that followed the same conduit previously used for the old wiring. Complemented by an Adquio Mini, this solution provided connectivity to all lighting in the main halls.

As for the familiarity challenge, Roldy opted for a 32″ control screen from Adquio. This choice made it possible to recreate a control interface similar to the old electrical panel, easing the transition for older users. With the help of Adquio’s engineering service and its powerful interface builder, a seamless experience was achieved. Users can operate the new system without training, as the buttons were in the same positions and look the same as the ones they already knew.

The end result is not only a beautifully illuminated basilica, but also a testament to how collaboration between tradition and technology can preserve history while embracing the future. Roldy with his two powerful tools, Casambi and Adquio, has managed to transform a challenge into a resplendent success story. Illuminating not only the basilica of Sant Maurice, but also inspiring all of us to seek the light, even in the most unexpected circumstances. May the light continue to shine on all our projects!

Here are some images of this beautiful basilica and how it has looked after the renovation.

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