Polar Green and Adquio, the importance of automation in the energy sector

Polar Green Tow

The energy sector is one of the main contributors to emissions in the EU and the rest of the world, so it will have to undergo a profound transformation for its decarbonization

We try to contribute to projects that generate positive impact. On this occasion, Adquio is collaborating with Polar Green, a company dedicated to generating clean energy.

Solar energy, a good alternative for reducing emissions 

To avoid the negative impacts of climate change, emissions need to be cut almost in half by 2030. Betting on clean, accessible, sustainable and reliable energy helps not to depend on fossil fuels.

A good alternative is solar energy, which unlike traditional energy sources such as coal, gas, oil or nuclear energy, whose reserves are finite and emit a large amount of CO2 emissions, is available worldwide and adapts to natural cycles.

Polar Green TOW, immediate energy, in compact size 

Adquio PolarGreen Tow Control

Polar Green TOW, is a small trailer that integrates a group of deployable solar panels, batteries, inverter, and everything you need to make this solar energy system work optimally.

Using Adquio, Polar Green will control solar production, battery management, as well as the user interface of the entire system.

 How does Adquio work with Polar Green TOW?

For the Polar Green TOW project we have chosen Adquio Lite, our controller with all the connectivity features of Adquio Pro. Adquio Lite, without integrated inputs and outputs, is perfect for this project because we can choose exactly which expansions we are interested in and collect all the data necessary for an efficient energy management.

As an user interface we have used Adquio Industrial Screen, an industrial control screen designed for continuous operation that works with any HMI software. From this screen, the user will be able to visualize the current solar production, the status of the batteries, the inverter consumption and the use time that the system will provide in real time. Moreover, Adquio provides the weather forecast to 4 days view of the current area through an integrated GPS system.

The connection with the BMS Adquio Cloud is done with an Industrial 4G Router, which allows us to record all the data of production, consumption and battery status. Once registered, the system also provides alarms via email when it finds any anomalies.

We  work every day to meet the needs of any business sector, in this case, that of renewable energies. If you want to know more about our products and projects, do not hesitate to visit our website.

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