Setting the Standard with Adquio in Casambi Projects!

Adquio-Casambi Record

We are excited to share our latest milestones in the technological universe: we have played a key role in the implementation of Casambi projects that not only set records, but also reaffirm our commitment to excellence and innovation!

Project in Frankfurt, Germany: Impressive Dimension

We immersed ourselves in a building in Frankfurt, Germany, equipped with 12 Casambi networks and 12 scenes in each network. Our Adquio controller synchronized all scenes, facilitated commissioning and testing, and exported data for seamless centralized management with the corporate BMS!

Second Project in Seville, Spain: Bigger, More Challenging

In our second project, we set a new record with the installation of 16 Casambi networks and 12 scenes in each network, marking the largest Casambi network installation in the world to date! Adquio, once again, stood out by facilitating commissioning, allowing simultaneous testing of all networks and providing comprehensive information for seamless remote control.

Demonstrating what we announce

We don’t just talk about our capabilities; we demonstrate them with major projects that are among the largest Casambi installations ever realized. Innovation is measured in concrete actions that push the boundaries of what is possible.

Casambi’s Future: More Success Ahead

We do not stop here. We continue to work to simplify Casambi installations around the world. Furthermore, we will soon announce more monumental projects, all executed with the unmatched efficiency and reliability of Adquio controllers.

Thanks to our exceptional team and our partner, EmotionsLight Design Studio. We are excited about what the future with Casambi holds. Stay tuned for our new innovations!

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