Versatile controller for HVAC equipment: Get to know it


The versatile controller for HVAC equipment

His name is Adquio multi IOs modbus module , and we say that it is a versatile controller for air conditioning equipment because it is the result of listen to many of our clients that they agreed on something. To automate climate machines (although it can be of any other type); They needed to manage various signals and actuators, usually fan motors, compressors, valves, pressure probes, temperature, gates, etc. For them they had two options: Install a PLC in the machine itself, which would collect and act on all these signals, or take all the cables from that machine to the nearest electrical panel.

For this our device was born “ Adquio multi IOs modbus module “. The versatile controller for HVAC equipment . It is perfect for integrate it into teams of all kinds Since by incorporating all kinds of inputs and outputs, you can manage practically all their needs. With its 5 integrated relays it can directly control fans, dampers, and compressors (through a contactor), etc. Its 8 Analog / Digital inputs are perfect for collecting states, or measurements of pressure, flow, etc. In addition to being configurable, it gives the installer greater flexibility. For example, if you need 5 analog inputs 0-10V or 4-20mA (through our converter), you can configure them and you will have 3 free to receive states.

Two modes of operation

  1. Normally, the device behaves like a Modbus RTU client, allowing manage all your inputs and outputs from a remote controller , through bus 485.
  2. The other alternative is program its operation within the controller itself . This is perfect for manufacturers since it allows them integrate our device into your equipments with a specific functionality and closed. In this way they give their end customer a fully functional team, controllable by Modbus RTU, and additionally it also offers the possibility of having a control screen that allows you to manage the machine directly in the installation. This screen connects to the 485 Master of the device and allows managing machine parameters such as:
    • View statuses
    • Start and stop processes
    • Switch modes
    • Change slogans
    • Etc

What includes?

  • 5 Relay outputs dry contact 10A 250V
  • 8 Analog / digital inputs 0-10 0-24V
  • 4 0-10V analog outputs
  • 4 digital outputs with power transistors
  • 4 Input for PT1000 probes

That is why we say that it is versatile, because fits scenarios where a PLC would be necessary, much more expensive and that would be in all respects excessive.

As you can see we continue to listen to our customers and presenting products that meet your needs .

** Available soon **

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