Adquio dynamic Lighting

It is becoming more and more common to find buildings that have been designed dynamically. This means that from their conception they have been created to be easily adaptable to different uses or different needs.

Close examples of this are buildings that rent offices, and that additionally allow a choice of size. This is achieved with the installation of mobile panels that allow this type of changes to be made dynamically.

Another good example of this are the Coworking spaces, where it is possible to rent a customized space, and if you wish, you have the possibility to make this space private and delimited.

There are many more examples, such as startup incubators, that provide modular space to their associates, and this space can be different depending on the type and activity of the company.

Very well, we already know several examples of buildings with dynamic spaces. Then:

What happens when we want to illuminate these spaces?

If you try it with scenes or groups, every time the spaces change, you must reconfigure the scenes or groups and their members. This requires the intervention of the company that performed the initial commissioning. As you can imagine, this is not operational, because of the cost of the intervention, and because of the slowness of the process.

If this is not resolved, switches or presence sensors in one space will turn on the luminaires in a neighbor’s space. Therefore, it is desirable that the lighting configuration of the spaces be as dynamic as the modifications to the building.

This is true for any type of control system, Casambi, DALI, KNX, etc. Then:

What is the solution?

In Adquio we have the answer to this question. Since, through our control systems, both local control screens and local SCADAs or in the cloud,we can create an interface that allows the end user to move walls and delimit spaces with a few clicks. In this way, all switches or presence sensors that remain within your space will turn on or dim only the luminaires that are within your space.

This is a breakthrough that allows you to offer your customers an innovative solution that was not possible to automate, and now it is with the Adquio Ecosystem. Additionally, you can combine control systems such as Casambi, DALI, Enocean, etc. making them interact with each other without limits.

As you know, at Adquio we regularly try to offer you innovations that will make you more competitive every day and give you access to more customers with more complex needs. This is a good example, we hope you find it useful.

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