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As you know, for more than a year, our entire product ecosystem has been connected to Casambi through its API. Well, we are going to explain how this works and how we can use any of our devices from Casambi.

The first thing we must explain is that we are going to focus on two different modes of interaction, and these depend directly on where the events that trigger the actions occur:

Events outside the Casambi ecosystem.

These cases are very common, on occasions in which we are forced to integrate elements other than Casambi into the network itself. For these cases, Adquio connects with these devices through its buses or using its analog or digital inputs, and using the information collected, it activates Casambi devices, scenes or animations, depending on the needs of each case.

A good example of this is integrating the building alarm to trigger scenes when the building alarm is turned on and off.

Events in the Casambi network with effects abroad

In this case, the Casambi network works as usual, but in addition to that, we want to cause things to happen outside of the network, even with devices that don’t support Casambi. On these occasions, it is Adquio who detects the activation of a scene, device or animation on the Casambi network, and from there, he can carry out any action with any of the devices connected to it.

What devices can we control from Casambi with Adquio?

These devices can of course be any of the Adquio expansion modules, where we can find, for example, relay modules with 18 integrated units that allow us to manage existing non-Casambi lighting, blinds, curtains, pumps, valves, motors, etc. You can also connect practically the number of expansion modules you need, the limits are 120 expansions per controller.

Furthermore, as Adquio has ethernet buses and ports, it can connect to any type of machine that works with the Modbus, BACnet, MQTT, etc. protocols, and make them react to Casambi commands. Examples of this can be setting an air conditioning temperature when a Casambi scene is activated, closing blinds, etc.


As you can see, Adquio provides Casambi networks with unlimited possibilities, only depending on your imagination.


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