Adquio, take full advantage of your existing facilities.

It shows a city with different points connected to the cloud of Adquio Cloud

In previous posts We will tell you about the advantages of having your automation installations connected with #adquio, for its agility and cost savings. But what about the facilities that you already have running but without remote access ?

On many occasions the products proposed by controllers manufacturers are very expensive. In others, as you install devices from different brands, the software available for some is incompatible with the others.

Everything has changed since you installed #adquio, since you can offer your clients a platform that allows them to store, study data and remotely control their facilities.

You connect with any controller of any brand , using standard protocols, in a bidirectional way, to extract variables, and set others. So you take full control of it without losing what you already have running.

Now your client can see all Historical facts of your installation, in friendly graphics , plus on a plane. You can see all the values in real time, temperatures, consumptions, states, etc. and change variables remote form, set slogans, turn off lights, raise blinds, control occupancy, etc.

One more service, that it will surely interest many of your clients already existing and one more business possibility for you.

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