Adquio, the always connected controller



In your company you do air conditioning, lighting and control installations throughout the country, all of them with controllers from a well-known brand.

On many occasions, when it is necessary to modify the programming of one of these systems, you have a huge problem, since the drivers are only physically accessible where they are installed.

The extreme case that has already happened to you on several occasions causes one of your installers to take a company car, a laptop and leave in the direction of the client, in many cases crossing the entire country. Once there, connect the laptop to your client’s PLC and an engineer from the office and making remote control of it updates the necessary changes.

The situation of customers who already install connected adquios has improved enormously, since the engineers themselves enter Adquio Cloud, select the client, enter their #acquire and from here the engineers work as if the acquisition were locally connected at their post of work.

The change for both your company and your client has been enormous,it has gone from waiting hours or days to minutes, and for your company the cost reduction, both in personnel and resources, has also been spectacular.

In future articles I will tell you about the technologies that #adquio uses to guarantee security in remote connections, but I anticipate that they are safer than access to your bank 🙂

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