Adquio, the gateway to all your existing facilities

Adquio pro the gateway to your existing control facilities

Adquio, the remote gateway from your controllers.

As we already discussed in previous posts , you are very aware of the advantages that you are missing in all the installations that you already have done and that are not connected .

We have already mentioned the security issues that this entails , and we have also commented that this limits you a lot in terms of the possibilities of updating the programming of your client’s drivers.

So now you use #adquio, because it gives you the possibility to update all your existing installations , now you install a #adquio and this allows you (among many other things) access all the controllers you already had installed as if you were there, in front of them.

For you it is as simple as configure the software of the manufacturer of your controller, tell it that its device is in the ip address and the port that #adquio cloud indicates you , and that’s it, you’re connected to your controller that may be on the other side of the planet.

It has already happened to you on several occasions that you propose to your client to connect his installation in order to give him a better service. But of course, you are not only talking about remote access to their controllers, instead, you mention the possibility of starting to collect historical data, remotely control your installation, connect the rest of the equipment, etc.

In almost all occasions your client is interested since your arguments are objective and it does not imply a high cost for him.

As you see with #adquio you can offer your customers an attractive update , not only for him for the improvements you offer him, but for you that allows you to improve the attention you give him and the response times.

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