Adquio: the usual power that you know, changes in magnitude

You know that today, mobile phone processors are starting to catch up with desktop computer processors, and recently you have seen, as Apple ™ has shown, outperform them.

You know there is a big difference between them ARM processors compete in power, but also in low power consumption and heat produced .

When they told you that #adquio uses one of these processors ( ARM Quad-core Cortex-A7 at 1.2GHz ), you have quickly gone to see what your current controller use, and you have been perplexed, how? What?use microcontrollers similar to an Arduino ? You wanted to compare them, but you have searched the internet and nobody compares them, simply because its power is measured in different magnitudes .

You research and discover that traditional controllers execute instructions sequentially and in a loop, that is, when they finish they start over, just like microcontrollers do.

Now you investigate as #adquio does it and you read that it is object and event oriented But what the hell is that? You search and discover that # Adquio only executes actions that you program when a specific event that interests you happens , but #adquio is stopped on hold.

But you want to go further and keep diving, what operating system do they use? Your usual drivers: a closed and proprietary one, #adquio GNU / Linux, open and free.

You know that much of the current world innovation is born in GNU / Linux and ARM processors and you stay calm because you see that #adquio is part of both groups .

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