Discover Freedom without Limits in the Adquio Ecosystem!

Adquio and the freedom

At Adquio, freedom is our banner, a value that permeates every corner of our ecosystem. From the beginning, we have been committed to the freedom of our customers and partners, and this philosophy is reflected in every aspect of our solutions. While we could talk about the transparency we provide by sharing training material openly and freely, today we will dive into a deeper journey to explore the countless freedoms we offer our users.

Controller Freedoms

Our Adquio controllers are the cornerstone of our proposal, designed to unleash your creativity without restrictions. Here, there are no limits imposed by maximum program size, memory, lines of code or devices. Can you ask for more? Yes, you can do it! We give you the freedom to communicate with any API directly from your controller. This means you can establish seamless connections between your controllers, servers and applications, opening up a world of possibilities.

But is there anything beyond that? Of course, it is! Adquio allows you to connect controllers to expand their processing and communication capabilities. This means that you no longer have to worry about port limits, as all controllers can share them with each other. From the management of a small installation to the complete control of an entire building. Adquio’s architecture expands as a tree to adapt to any type and size of project. The freedom of choice is yours.

Freedoms in your HMI and Control Displays

When we created our HMI and Control Displays, our mission was to give you total creative freedom. No restrictions, you can design custom interfaces without limits. Whether you want to use preset controls or upload your own images for the buttons, we don’t limit you at all. This allows you to produce clean interfaces adapted to the corporate design of each end customer. In addition, within the HMI software, you can use as many controls as you need and create as many views as you want. Creative freedom knows no limits, and we give you the tools to achieve your goals.


Freedom in your SCADA’s

Our commitment to freedom doesn’t stop at Control Panels and Controllers, it also extends to our SCADA. Both Adquio SCADA Server and Adquio SCADA Cloud offer you absolute freedom to produce the scenarios you require. You can incorporate as many controls as you wish, and produce as many views as your project requires. Versatility is key, and you won’t find any limits to these features.

But what about the connection between your SCADA and Adquio controllers? The answer is simple: there are no limits. You can power your SCADA with one or twenty Adquio controllers, depending on your specific needs. We have left this door open so that you have full control over your system and can freely adapt it to your requirements.

Freedom of applying Adquio in any industry

Adquio is the solution that has revolutionized several industries, and now it is ready to transform yours.

Today, Adquio has become a resounding success in a wide range of applications, including HVAC installations, lighting with advanced technologies such as Casambi and DALI, as well as traditional lighting. We have also unlocked its potential in photovoltaic production, and we are excited to explore new possibilities together with our customers.

Can you imagine applying Adquio in sustainable aquaponics systems? It’s a reality! Our customers continue to push the boundaries, and Adquio’s versatility allows them to create innovative and sustainable solutions.


In the Adquio ecosystem, freedom is the engine that drives innovation and customization. Whether your project is small or monumental, our solutions are designed so that your creativity and possibilities are limitless. Unrestricted freedom is what we offer you. We believe that when we free you from the chains, the potential is infinite.

Ready to experience freedom without limits? Adquio is waiting for you.


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