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Adquio SCADA Historic

As you know, our SCADA software is specifically designed for real-time control of your customers’ facilities. Both in its local version and in the Cloud version, this is its main mission.

Have you explored the possibilities of working with historical data in your Adquio SCADA?

Our software has explicit options for this:

  • In the management of variables that you have imported from your devices you can decide how often you will sample those variables.
  • You have available data tables that allow you to generate reports where you can include those variables, and additionally, these data tables are editable in real time from its display option so that you can change the start and end date values for the data samples in your report.
  • In these on-screen reports you have the option to export them to a CSV file, and work on them in a spreadsheet or external statistical program.
  • Additionally, you can exploit this historical data through pie charts, bar charts and line charts.
  • All this historical information can be stored for up to 5 years, you set this value. Therefore, you will have historical information for all the periods you need.
  • You can take data from your installation up to every second if you need it, we we recommend you to do it at most every 30 secondsBut you may have critical installations where taking data as accurately as possible may be important, one of them may be, for example, monitoring your electrical network as accurately as possible.
  • These reports or graphs can include data from different facilities in different geographical locations integrated in the same report or graph, allowing you to compare information in a very simple way.

As you can see, your Adquio SCADA is also very powerful in the part of working with historical data. This makes it a very complete solution, both for real-time control and for the storage and exploitation of historical information.

We are preparing a complete Adquio SCADA Server/Cloud video training course. It will be available in both Spanish and English for all our registered users. We will notify you with each publication so that you can review it, if it is of interest to you.

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