The Adquio ecosystem is more than what we tell you

The Adquio ecosystem is more than what we tell you

When we write about our programmable controllers, we rely on you to trust our honesty so that our message reaches you and you are convinced that what we tell you is real.

In many cases, this reality can be forced by marketing departments trying to get something surprising and attention-grabbing out of a piece of data, which is part of their job.

On many occasions readers will think, how much truth there is in this statement, isn’t it? It’s normal, we are all eager to get customers and ‘sell’ our qualities.

And what happens when one of your partners leaves you stumped, even proving that you have fallen far short with your advertising claims?

This is not the first time this has happened, the fact is that every time it happens we are surprised. And of course, we cannot miss this opportunity to tell you about it and continue demonstrating the great capabilities of our Ecosystem.

One of our partners has offered several of its customers the possibility of centrally managing the consumption of all the offices in their buildings. Our partner has confirmed to his customer that with Adquio he had the perfect solution.

It began adding analyzers to its Adquio Lite, each one collecting the 30 variables it provides. And he continued until he finished with everyone in the building.

Additionally, it uploaded all this data to the Adquio Cloud BMS in order to provide its client with clear and orderly information on the consumption of all the offices in the building, thus allowing its client to bill the consumption to its tenants.

The surprise came when we contacted him, he was very happy because he had everything working in 6 buildings and had been doing it with complete stability for 6 months. This does not surprise us, indeed, this is the norm, the surprise came when he told us that in building 1 there were 138 analyzers integrated, in building 2 125, and so on with the rest of the buildings, up to 6.

Adquio Lite has been used in all its installations. As you can see, when we tell you that our controllers are much more powerful than the competition, we are not exaggerating.

Have you ever seen a single programmable controller collecting data from this many devices?

This is not only amazing because of the data collection itself, but because of the technology we use to upload all this data to the cloud in an orderly and fail-safe manner.

We always say that our Cloud platform is designed to support large volumes of data. This is just another demonstration that what we say is real.

We will never stop surprising ourselves, and we hope we won’t stop surprising you either, until the next adventure.

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