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Adquio Casambi Condition

As you know Adquio can control Casambi installations in two very different ways, one of them is through its API, this means that a device feeds this API with a Gateway from the client installation. The other is by connecting locally to the different Casambi networks in the building.

Well, in either case, Adquio can monitor each luminaire and generate alerts when its status changes, and if this new status is an error, it can notify the appropriate department for maintenance. But now it will not only indicate that there is an error or that a driver or luminaire is not working, but it will tell you exactly what is happening, in the image you can see all the states that Adquio manages of a driver / luminaire. Now you will not only be informed that something is wrong, but we will simultaneously tell you why it is wrong. In this way, you will be able to make much better decisions and solve problems in a much more objective and informed way.

In addition to launching alarms with very precise information, this information can also be displayed on our Adquio Screen and Adquio Industrial Screen.

Adquio can also convert the numbering used by Casambi in its devices to the numbering you use in your plans. So that when we notify you through a notification or on our screens, we show you the luminaire number that you have in your drawings, not the one Casambi uses internally. Which this, both you and the company’s maintenance department can quickly locate it on the project drawings with its original numbering and do not need to know an alternative numbering.

As you can see, Adquio makes the most of the data coming from Casambi networks and prepares them to deliver them to you in the most friendly and useful way possible for your benefit, in a clear but powerful way. We continue and will continue to work to bring you this fantastic Casambi technology and to make it easier and more useful for you and for all your customers. We continue…




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