High performance example of a adquio pro

Processor, memory, disk and temperature occupancy data is displayed for a adquio pro in production

This time we show you an example of the high performance of a adquio pro in full production. This adquio pro manages 896 variables, 5 electrical consumption analyzers, 12 climate machines, 108 relays, it serves different HMIs for 4 7-inch screens and 2 17 ″ screens.

As you can see, the temperature is 48 degrees, only slightly warm, and the processor is at 23%, completely relaxed. Let us remember that, in addition to all the above, this adquio pro like all of them, is collecting data every 5 seconds from all the mentioned devices, and preparing the packages to send them to adquio cloud, as well as feeding the data of adquio cloud in real time. On the other hand, you are not using even half of your available RAM.

This is just an example of the high performance of a adquio pro, this is something we always comment on, but this time corroborated with real data.

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