The programmable controller and data collector of the 21st century

Adquio Pro, Lite and Mini break all the limitations of traditional controllers. All the information and control of your installation, remotely and securely.

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What is Adquio?

Adquio is a set of 3 controllers, pro, lite and mini , different in connectivity but equal in computing power, data collection and real time processing

All of them use the same powerful and modern ARM processor with 4 cores and an open and updated GNU / Linux operating system.

This operating system offers us its advantages of multiprocessing and multithreading, being able to simultaneously attend to tasks such as communication ports, web server, TCP / IP communications, local storage, etc. without problems.

By having 4 485 ports we can connect an incredible number of 120 devices being conservative, we could really approach 1000.

We have available a manageable switch integrated in the Adquios pro and lite, this allows us to configure rules such as Firewall to protect the entire control installation from outside, VLANs to adapt to the technological needs of our clients, etc.

We can act as a media converter or as a protocol converter, since we can export all our variables by ModBus TCP, and read them by ModBus RTU, BacNET MSTP or TCP.


Adquio Pro

Adquio Pro

The most connected of the three by incorporating digital and analog inputs and outputs that allows managing directly connected equipment such as relays, probes, valves, sensors, contacts, etc. It has a screen and keyboard which allows direct action on the device itself, IP change, restart, etc.

Adquio lite

Adquio Lite

The balance between connectivity and expandability. It maintains all the connectivity features of Adquio Pro, at a lower cost and without integrated inputs and outputs. It allows lateral expansion, which makes it perfect as the main core of an installation in which we can choose exactly which expansions we are interested in.


Adquio Mini

The smallest of the family, perfect as a data collector for different platforms. Due to its size, it is also perfect as a protocol gateway, collecting data through all its ports and publishing it in ModBus. It is also very interesting as a controller or data collector of a zone and using communication between Adquios to build distributed control scenarios.

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