Introducing Adquio Link for Casambi

Adquio Link for Casambi

Introducing Adquio Link for Casambi

Today we are very happy to offer you our new great product! Adquio Link the virtual programmable controller that works on our Cloud servers.

On many occasions it happens that when installing an Adquio programmable controller in a client’s facilities, this Adquio takes data from the Casambi API on the internet, and to act it also works with that API on the internet. If Adquio really only takes the data from the Internet to carry out its work… Why should we install the controller in our client’s company? The answer may be, “to be able to integrate other local devices”. But if this is not necessary, Adquio Link is the simple and convenient solution.

Adquio Link is a controller that runs on our cloud servers. What advantages does this have for you and your client? Let’s see them:

  • You do not need to install anything in your client’s company.
  • You are guaranteed stability, power, internet connection, etc.
  • It activates in minutes, you need a new controller… you got it.
  • The power you need is adjusted according to your needs, on demand.
  • You can still program your scripts to work on the collected/sent data.
  • You connect to your controller in exactly the same way as you did with physical controllers.

To find out if Adquio Link is applicable to your case, just ask yourself if all the data your controller will work with is on the Internet. If the answer is yes, Adquio Link is for you.

As you can see, we continue to innovate, now working to save costs and facilitate installations.

This new product is currently only available for the North American market.



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