White Paper

Objective of this white paper:

Welcome to an exciting system’s integration journey! This document has a clear purpose: to help you master the integration of Casambi networks with our powerful Adquio programmable controllers. Wondering how to easily make that data flow to your local or remote control systems? As Adquio control screens or the robust systems Adquio SCADA Server or Adquio SCADA Cloud; you are in the right place!

Imagine the satisfaction of completing this reading with the knowledge to integrate any size installation with Casambi networks into your local control system, displays or SCADA, whether in the cloud, or in the comfort of your local environment. But before we dive into this exciting journey, let’s clarify an important point: we will focus on local integration, the strongest and safest option that currently offers exceptional results.

Have you ever wondered how complicated it can be to integrate different systems? In this case, we will work with four elements: three, from our Adquio brand, and one external from the manufacturer.Light Manufactory. Don’t worry, though, our Adquio ecosystem is designed to simplify every step of this integration process. You will learn to use all the tools and programs that facilitate the flow of data between these various platforms.

When you complete this document, you will be a master at integrating Casambi networks with Adquio control systems, and you will be ready to face any challenge that arises. So get ready to soak up the knowledge and take a qualitative leap in your integration projects. Let’s start!

General scheme

General scheme Adquio - Casambi

To follow this document, we will use the previously established scheme! Before we dive into the details, we’ll make a few crucial observations to get things crystal clear.

  • Take a look at the scheme, where three Casambi networks have been integrated. And best of all, this can be applied to any number of networks you need!
  • In our example, we have opted for the powerful Adquio Lite, capable of controlling six Casambi networks with dexterity. If your requirement is even greater, don’t worry, we have at your disposal a suitable controller to fit any size.
  • And that’s not all, two control screens also shine in the diagram. Our controllers are capable of handling up to 30 screens each!
  • The choice to use an Adquio Lite is no coincidence, its presence not only guarantees control, but also provides solid protection to your control installation thanks to its internal firewall.

In the pages that follow, we will discover together and in detail all the steps to travel from Casambi networks to control through personalized screens and supervision through an SCADA, both locally and in the cloud!

Let’s start this exciting adventure!