The Reliability of Adquio Screens

Since their launch in June 2022, our Adquio 10-inch displays have proven to be a reliable and high-quality choice for our partners. With an impressive 98.26% reliability, these displays have earned the trust of our customers and continue to exceed expectations.

Two Years of Proven Reliability

In the last two years, we have distributed 230 units of our 10-inch displays. During this period, only 4 units have required replacement under warranty due to minor issues such as Bluetooth signal and video problems. This equates to an extremely low failure rate, underlining the robustness and durability of our displays. This level of reliability is not only a testament to the quality of our products, but also to our commitment to excellence.

Facts that Speak for Themselves

The fact that only 1.74% of our displays experienced issues, and that these occurred within the first few days of use, reinforces confidence in our technology. Once replaced, the screens have worked flawlessly, ensuring a hassle-free and definitive solution for our customers. This proves that our displays are not only reliable, but also consistent in their performance. Whether working with the Casambi app or our HMI

Commitment to the Customer: Guarantee and Effective Service

Customer satisfaction is our priority. That’s why, when a screen has a difficulty, our warranty process is fast and efficient. Upon notification of a failure, we will replace the device immediately and cover the cost of shipping the replacement product. Our partners are only required to cover the cost of returning the defective product. This process ensures that any issues are resolved without delay, minimizing the impact on our customers’ operations.

Quality and Reliability

The reliability of our 10-inch displays and the efficiency of our warranty service are key reasons why our customers continue to choose Adquio. The combination of high quality technology and exceptional customer service creates an unparalleled experience, ensuring that users can rely on our products for the long term.

In conclusion, after two years on the market, Adquio 10-inch displays have proven to be a safe and reliable investment. With a minimal failure rate and efficient warranty service, these displays continue to provide our customers with the peace of mind and security they need. Trust Adquio and discover the difference of working with a company committed to quality and customer satisfaction!

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