We continue with Adquio Wall Screen 4″ for Casambi!

Adquio Wall Screen 4 filling the hole

Last week was exciting, wasn’t it? The presentation of the Adquio Wall Screen 4″ left everyone amazed with its elegance and functionality. And today, we’re here to dive even deeper into the magic that this display brings to the Casambi ecosystem.

A 4-inch Standard that Transforms the Casambi Experience

In the world of home automation, 4-inch displays have become the gold standard, adopted by manufacturers such as SonOff, Tuya, DALI-2, Shelly, among others. But, oh surprise, Casambi didn’t count on this gem… until now.

Adquio Wall Screen 4″ – Filling the Missing Space

Casambi, known for its innovation in intelligent lighting, has found its perfect match with the Adquio Wall Screen 4″. The reason? Adquio embarks on a mission to fill that space in the market that Casambi longed to conquer. Last week was not only a launch, it was the beginning of a new era for Casambi lovers.


Advantages that Enlighten your Daily Life

Seamlessly Integrated Design

The Adquio Wall Screen 4″ is not just a screen, it is a design masterpiece. Its seamless integration into a European switch space ensures a seamless transition to a smarter, sleeker home.

Intuitive Interface for Effortless Experience

Using the Casambi APP, control your lighting with a single touch. Adquio’s 4-inch user interface ensures that every setting is as simple as the push of a button, giving you full control of your environment with a smile.

Expanding Casambi’s Possibilities

The Adquio Wall Screen 4″ not only complements the Casambi ecosystem, it takes it to new heights! Now, Casambi can offer its users the complete experience of controlling their smart lighting with a display designed specifically for their comfort and style.

A Bright Future with Adquio and Casambi

With joy and enthusiasm, Adquio and Casambi join forces to illuminate your home with a touch of innovation. It’s not just a display, it’s the gateway to a future where control of your lighting blends seamlessly with the modern lifestyle.


So, go ahead! Immerse yourself in the brilliance of the Adquio Wall Screen 4″ and discover how the magic of Casambi is enhanced by this technological jewel. Last week was just the beginning, get ready for an enlightened life!

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