Adquio incorporates support for Casambi API: Get to know it


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Adquio incorporates support for Casambi API: Get to know it

Today we are pleased to announce that we present full support for installations with Casambi lighting control technology. This technology is based on a mesh network that works under Bluetooth Low Energy.

This will give you, as an installer, the possibility of integrating this modern and groundbreaking technology into your facilities from now on, simplifying work and avoiding the possibility of errors, overcoming the limitations of outdated technologies.

Casambi is a prestigious company worldwide, which is responsible for the design of this innovative technology, which allows controlling thousands of light points of any type, 0-10, DALI, etc., as well as light sensors, presence, switches, and any element with connectivity and all this wirelessly.

Already exist multitude of manufacturers that integrate Casambi controllers within their devices, with a very low cost increase over those that do not have this technology.

In any case, you should know that you can incorporate modules Casambi yourself as an installer in many devices (luminaires, switches, sensors, etc.) in a very simple way, since they are devices of very small size and very easy to wire.

In this example we see a controller for two DALI buses, which is powered by the bus itself, as you can see it couldn’t be simpler:

From now on, in addition to controlling the air conditioning, electrical consumption, accesses, etc. of your facilities, you will already be able to undertake projects or integrate an adquio into other existing ones with Casambi technology.

All our controller models Adquio pro , Adquio lite and Adquio Mini already integrate this technology, if you already have Adquios in your facilities you will receive this update automatically and free of charge.


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