Adquio Server

Adquio server is a device designed for installations with thousands of controlled devices, necessary in the lighting, air conditioning or large infrastructure control sectors. It runs the same software as Adquio pro, lite and mini, but with many more power available. It supports all the protocols that its brothers, but only those that are ethernet, that is, Modbus TCP, BACnet IP, MQTT, Casambi, etc.


In the same way, it supports the communication protocol between Adquios, being the most suitable for communication between this server and all the controllers distributed throughout the installation, given its efficiency, lightness and security.


Can you imagine using the same web interface that you already know from your Adquio controllers, but being able to control thousands of devices and variables?

We have ported the software you already know from Adquio and now we can install it on any Intel or AMD server. To do this, a server must be found according to the needs of each installation.

As an example, a server of this type can control 30,000 lights individually, or an installation of air conditioning, lighting and electrical consumption of an entire shopping center.

Together with Adquio Cloud, our BMS platform makes a perfect team to manage large volumes of information in real time.

adquio cloud

Adquio Cloud

All our Adquio models are accompanied by a subscription to Adquio Cloud, the cloud platform that provides you with: quality statistical graphs, remote control, SCADAs and reports of all your facilities, and all this remotely, easily and safely.


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