Adquio at Crazy Park, an amusement park in Panama, a success story.

Adquio in Crazy Park

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This time I am going to tell you about the success story ofAdquio in Crazy park , an amusement park in Panama.

Crazy Park is a family entertainment center with an intelligent design, where each attraction can be enjoyed by children and adults. The local has 3200 m2 of surface.

The challenge

Inside Crazy Park

It was about manage all air conditioning , the electricity consumption and the capacity of people , obtain the lowest energy consumption , with comfortable air conditioning for customers.

On the other hand, it was desired study how capacity affected air conditioning and energy consumption , as well as monitor attendance hours of your customers.

The main stumbling block was find a people counting system that enter and leave the enclosure with good precision and integrate it into adquio.

The solution.

In this case of Adquio in Crazy Park, the Lite model , with it are controlled:

  • 16 climate machines integrated by Modbus RTU for the different dependencies. This controls the setpoint temperatures, the switch-on and switch-off times, the air supply temperatures, the comfort conditions in the room (ambient temperature and humidity) and the air quality through CO2 probes to control the temperature. air renewal.
  • 3 power consumption analyzers (distributed in general), air conditioning, lighting and plugs
  • 2 people counter cameras that were placed in the entrances.

People counting camera integrated in adquio

Finally it was decided to use the Mirame intelligent solutions system. The adquio team created a new module what is capable of talk to these cameras and integrate people counting into the data that adquio collects.

Adquio in Crazy Park, integration of people counting cameras, driver in adquio

These data can be studied andsubsequently analyzed on the platform Adquio Cloud . This allows you to check the effectiveness of campaigns, new attractions, etc.

Study graph of the influx of the public during every day of a month

In the image we can see one of the graphs of the study of the influx of the public during a month. There is clearly an increase in people during the weekends and Tuesdays, when offers are made of two for one.


As you can see, this is another example in which the The opening of the adquio has allowed us to create a specific module , for a manufacturer of person flow control systems that previously adquio could not support.

This is possible thanks to the Adquio software architecture that allows access to any API . Imagine the possibilities that this opens up for you, having access to any system to collect data and interact with it.

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