Adquio in a cold logistics center in Cantabria: Success story

Adquio in a cold logistics center


This time, it’s about Adquio in a cold logistics center in Cantabria , which maintains frozen or refrigerated products for its customers, usually large surfaces.

This logistics center has more than 140,000 m³ of cold storage , in chambers for different products and storage temperatures.

The challenge

By having a common cold production, the challenge posed consisted of discriminate the electricity consumption corresponding to each of the rooms , from electrical energy consumption data and from temperature and humidity sensors and of consignment of each one of the cameras. To date, this client did not have an objective way to distribute their costs to pass them on to their clients based on the occupation and temperature of their products.

Adquio mini in cold logistics facility

The solution

In this case the capacity of programming and data processing of Adquio and Adquio Cloud, has allowed us obtain the distribution of consumption by camera , and then perform a much more objective billing to your customers , making your business profitable and making it more competitive.

Thanks to this ability to programing Adquio in a cold logistics center and to the large capacity of data treatment , we could:

  • Apply the laws of thermodynamics
  • Apply big data tools
  • As is characteristic of Logistics Centers, take into account the variability of the operation in the enclosure and its implication in consumption .
  • Obtain with certainty the distribution of global consumption by camera .

In this case we have used 18 temperature and humidity probes , all of them modbus. spread over all cameras with 1, 2 or 3 depending on the size of the camera. On the other hand they installed 7 power consumption analyzers with the following distribution: 1 general, 2 for condensing units and 4 for compressors. All of them connected via modbus.

AAdquio mini who uses only two of his 4 ports 485 , one for the probe bus, and another for the power consumption analyzers bus.

We provide the client monthly data for this invoice based on all variables that influence each customer.

The client has obtained with a contained expense a very substantial improvement in its operations and profitability when billing .

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