2022 new Adquio products

Adquio launches in 2022

This year has been particularly fruitful for us. We have done a tremendous amount of work to develop and prepare our entire new product range. We are very pleased with their acceptance and interest.

  1. We start the year 2022 with the launch of Adquio Screen our HMI or control screen specially designed for the Casambi Ecosystem and of course as a control screen for any Adquio controller. With a great acceptance at international level, we continue…
  2. In May and after having installed and tested this solution in several customers with great needs, we presented our Adquio Server, designed for installations with great control needs and for cases in which the customer does not want to use Cloud solutions. Also valid for Casambi installations with thousands of nodes with individualized management.
  3. In May also and after months of development and testing, we finished our Adquio Cloud AI project. Our customers asked us to be able to monitor their facilities unattended and with automatic notifications when it needs attention. In Casambi installations this allows automatic monitoring of all luminaires.
  4. We continue working and in June we presented Adquio Link, the first programmable controller virtualized in the cloud and specially designed to connect Cloud solutions, as an example we can put Casambi Installations where we can connect the Casambi API through Adquio Link with our BMS Adquio Cloud or Adquio Cloud AI.
  5. In June we also introduced Adquio Micro Server, based on the same software as our Adquio pro, Adquio Lite and Adquio Mini controllers. It allows us to respond to the growing demand for our products in the North American territory. As in the previous case, it is perfect for Casambi installations that need to be connected to a BMS.
  6. And finally in September, and just back from the summer vacations, we present Adquio Inductrial Screen. Similar to our 10.1″ screen but designed for the industrial sector, made of steel and aluminum and with IP65 front. Perfect for the Casambi ecosystem in industrial sectors.

And… What have we been doing since this last presentation? You will know soon, but we announce that it will be a new product category within our ecosystem.

And that’s not all, get ready for our new releases that will start and surprise you at the beginning of 2013.

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